More Than or Equal to


More Than or Equal to is a ongoing collaborative project between myself and Emily Rusby. 

More Than provides a platform for collaborative exchange between creative cities. We are excited for the exchange to challenge artistic practice by taking it away from its comfort zone and placing it somewhere new. We began with Manchester and Liverpool to reflect on the strong industrial connections already in place, for this project myself and Emily have taken on the role of curator, to organising the exchange and bring the different strands together coherently. 

Piccadilly Place, Manchester May 2014. Liverpool's Not Just Collective brought their show 'Objections', an exhibition exploring the nature of protest.

The second was held at Arena gallery, Liverpool. 

Artistic partnership More than or Equal provide a platform for practitioners in both Manchester and Liverpool to come together, believing that the considerable creative wells of both cities work better in collaboration, as opposed pitched against one another – a belief that The Skinny can certainly get behind. This second group project by the collective invites seven artists from either end of the Ship Canal to create new work responding to the use and meaning of symbols, through mediums including photography, installation and new media. - The Skinny